Are there some tasks that you can’t solve with a PowerShell script?

Sure, absolutely no doubt about it. But if I rephrase the question and narrow it down to administer “cloud” or “Windows-systems” the question gets a little more interesting, and yes you could argue that it’s not always the right answer.

But my belief is that there is still a lot of space left where automating is the right answer, and maybe PowerShell is the right tool more often than not?

So who am I making these statements? I have been in the IT-world since the mid 90’s, starting out like most of us windows-people by clicking around, but then something happened I found out about a scripting “tool” named KiXtart started to do things via script’s, suddenly realized I could roll out a software to hundreds of computers without ever leaving my desk.

The journey then went as for any addict in to heavier things like WinBatch, VB-scripts and now my preferred tool often spells PowerShell. So if administering an AD with many thousands of users or just doing some home automation consuming an REST-API the solution tends up to have some PowerShell-code in it.

So if you have something Azure/Windows-related and want it automated I could be the answer to do just that.

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