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By | 2013-08-22

First post!

My intention was to publish this before summer, but to much sun and god weather didn’t give me the push to complete the task. But now it’s ready at last. Powershell can be used to do a lot  stuff outside working hours as well. This is an example how to catch the streams from SVT play to your HD for later use. The problem is that SVT does the best they can to hide the streams, but there is a solution for that. There is a rest-API called welovepublicservice that presents a list of all categories, shows and episodes. And then there is another one called piratplayer that presents the streams that exists on a page on the SvtPlay site.
So what I have done is that i have created a couple of Powershell Functions using these API’s to be able to get new episodes when they get available. So now it’s up to you, either you build yourself a fancy GUI and play the streams direct or you can download them to your hard drive (like a modern VHS).

Step 1, find a Category



Step 2, find a Show


Step 3, Get Episodes


Step 4, Get Streams



Step 5, use Streams


And if you want to save for later use… Look for FFmpeg


Dopwnload Functions here



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